* Environmental assessments/surveys/data collection

     - Ornithology

     - Entomology

     - Mammology

     - Herpetology

     - Botany​​

​     - Ichthyology

​     - Marine (including certified divers)

Conservación Panamá Inc is proud to offer a variety of contract services in Panamá. From field data collection to training workshops our team of qualified and talented individuals is ready to assist your needs.


* Impact surveys

​* Social surveys / Research

* Anthropological studies

* Environmental Education

* Skills training

* University level field coursework (Tropical Ecology)

* Travel/logistics

* Customized services


     Our Associate Director of Safety & Field Training, Zeb, is a certified Wilderness First Responder, holds multiple certifications with the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) and is a member of the White Mountains Wilderness Rescue alpha-team. Zeb has worked throughout North and Central America with individuals, organizations, universities and military units. 


     Conservación Panamá Inc. takes field safety seriously and requires all our Field Directors to take continuing (annual) training. We are proud to offer our training services​ to the general public in-country. See our training workshops listed below and contact us for pricing:

* Basic First Aid & CPR (2 days): This is an introduction to basic First Aid and CPR. This course is taught either in Panama City or Penonome PANAMA. EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMTAION/PRICE

Wilderness Injuries (Management & Treatment - 2 days): This course covers injuries and treatments likely to be encountered in a wilderness setting. This course is taught in Panama City or in Penonome PANAMA. EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMTAION/PRICE

Advanced Wilderness Medicine (Management, Treatment, Technical Rescue & Evacuation - 6 days): Learn advanced techniques in wilderness medicine, how to respond to emergencies, technical rescue and evacuation techniques. This course is taught in Panama City or Penonome PANAMA. EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION/PRICE

Wilderness Navigation Basic (2 days): Learn basic Map/Compass skills and how to "stay found" in the wilderness. This course is taught in Panama City or Penonome PANAMA. EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION/PRICE​

Wilderness Navigation Advanced (4 days): This course covers advanced Map/Compass/GPS navigation skills. From obstacle navigation to lateral drift and dead-reckoning you will be a navigation expert after this training/field coursework. This course is taught in Panama City or Penonome PANAMA. EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION/PRICE


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     Conservación Panamá scientists have worked in every corner of Panamá. We have a combined 30+ years of experience working in extreme remote areas and have worked in every province & terrain type. Our data collection service prices are extremely competitive and we have staff that can cover most needs in both skills sets and expertise. To learn more about what services and skills we can provide along with a free estimate please feel free to contact us at the link provided: