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Education is knowledge and knowledge is power, power to affect change! Remote communities in Panama often lack equal access and opportunity to educational resources and programming. Our primary goal is, through community workshops and public school programs, to bring science and environmental education (STEM) to these "at risk" communities, so as to empower them with the knowledge to affect change. 
Conservation is an action. We design conservation actions based on scientific knowledge. Our overall goal in conservation actions are to maintain, repair and protect valuable natural resources in Panama in cooperation with the communities we work in. Successful conservation actions require cooperation and assistance with the communities themselves. 

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To help conservation efforts in Panama requires many hands. We´ve got many successes under our belt, but we need more help to affect more communities. This is where you can help!

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The Republic of Panamá is sandwhiched between Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the east in Central America. Conservacion Panama Inc works throughout Panama but focuses on and specializes in remote and difficult to access areas that are largely undeveloped. The map (right) shows our current focus areas of research, conservation and education projects. These areas are of special interest due to their ecosystem, species presence or conservation need. 


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Microscopy, Girls in STEM program

Knowledge is power. There is a great store of human knowledge concerning the Neotropics yet we have still not even scratched the surface. Our goal in research is to investigate meaningful scientific questions that will help us formulate the most dynamic and effective means to conserving the whole array of natural resources Panama holds. 

Study of the territoriality and breeding biology of the Agami Heron

Conservación, Manejo y Comunidad: En un mundo que esta cambiando rapídamente que estamos en una posición única para sobresalir en el desarrollo responsable de nuestras comunidades urbanas, suburbanas y rurales. Nuestra organización se esfuerza por contribuir a la conservación y gestión de todos los recursos naturales con el liderazgo de las comunidades panameñas locales, dentro de ellas mismas.

Conservation, Management & Community: In a rapidly changing world we are in the unique position to excel in responsible development of our local urban, suburban and rural communities. Our organization strives to assist in conservation & management of all natural resources with the leadership of local Panamanian communities from within.

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Studying wildcat's in the Ngäbe-Bugle Comarca