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Other ways to contribute:

The best way to help our organization is a donation to our general fund. This allows us the flexibility to direct your generous donation to where its needed at the time its received. 

You are also given an opportunity to direct your donation to a specific program that particularly interests you. Thank you so much for considering Conservación Panamá. 

Are you traveling to Panamá? Consider  one of our "Conservation Tours". These single afternoon to multi-day tours are a way for our organization to fundraise by showing you who we are, what we do and why the tropical the ecosystem is so important.

Our executive staff donates their time for these tours. 100% of the funds (after cost) go directly to field projects. This tradition and use of ecotourism to fund field projects originated with the inception of our organization in 2012 and continues as a valuable revenue source for Conservación Panamá.

If you are planning a trip to Panamá and would like to particiapte in one of our ecotours, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive director: EZEKIEL JAKUB for details or a quote for your customized trip.

**PLEASE NOTE** Prices listed above are for groups of 6 people or less or up to 10. These are NOT prices per person, these are group prices. The prices listed above are for a guide only. If you are interested in a guided tour including logistics (food, transportation and/or hotel) please contact Ezekiel for a quote.

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Follow the link (Amazon Smile) and select Conservación Panamá Inc. We will receive a percentage of every AMAZON purchase you make.

Design by Humans: Purchase one of our custom designed T-shirts on this site and we will receive a percentage of each purchase directly to our general fund. This is a great way to show your support.

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