Immediate Opening, Education assistant -  Required: Bachelors or Technical, work permission,  bilingual (Esp/Eng), demonstrated field experience, remote areas work experience, *please provide minimum of 1 sample custom made environmental education lesson plan 5th - 6th grade*, can swim. Recommended: backpacking experience, wilderness first aid, small boat experience, outboard motor repair/maintenance, and extreme flexibility.
2021 Opening, Herpetology -
Required: PhD or Masters level researcher, work permission, bilingual (Esp/Eng)
2020 Opening, Entomology  -
 Required: PhD or Masters level researcher, work permission, bilingual (Esp/Eng)

Diana Aguirre
Dir. Community &
Ngäbe-Bugle Comarca


Call or WhatsApp Us: +507 6494 0106


Zebulon Jakub
Assts Dir. Safety
​& Field ops

Ezekiel Jakub
Vice President/Executive Dir
​Dir. Ornithology



Vincent Gonsalves
​Dir. Operations, Treasurer

Anayansi Castillo

​Assts Dir. Internships

Please send any and all inquiries for staff positions to: Ezekiel Jakub
Please include: Curriculum vitae, cover Letter, 5 professional references (email & phone),
proof of language ability (bilingualism required) and sample research/project

Melva Olmos
President &

​Dir. Mamalogy

Jenny Kerr, USA, Diving and Marine Biology, IRB

​Richard Couse, HOLLAND/USA, Ornithology, IRB

Arsenio Palacios, PANAMA, Conservation, IRB

​Anne Buchanan, USA, IRB & Student Projects Review

​Craig Taylor, USA, Field Safety and Field Ops