Birds, Birds, Birds - 


For 7-days you will enjoy chasing all sorts of creepy crawlies through the tropical forests of the Canal Zone. We will explore both Caribbean and Pacific sides searching for all manner of insects and macro/micro-inverterbrates. Come prepared to take A LOT of photographs! All inclusive.

This will be a all inclusive nature tour centered on observing wildlife. Whether its birds & monkeys in the mornings, butterflies in the afternoons and amphibians by night ... you will have 10-full days traveling throughout Panama learning about tropical biology, ecology and conservation. All inclusive.

Didn't find what you are looking for? Our attentive and flexible staff are at your whim! If you are interested in designing your own Panama Adventure just say the word and we will work our best to do what most interests you! Either a 7 or 10 day option of a "design your own adventure" will be available. More details soon!

This will be a 10-day bird watching trip from the famous Pipeline Road in the Canal Zone to the western highlands of La Fortuna Forest Reserve. This will be a moderately paced trip. All inclusive. 

Customized Tours - 

The Panama Canal - 

CP TOURS - A "Not for Profit" tour & contribution to conservation


Butterflies & Wee Beasties of Panama - 

     Conservación Panamá Inc., in the upcoming year, will be offering non-profit at cost conservation & education tours in Panama. We are going to be offering, through our Panamanian partner organization, Conservacion Panama Tours, 7 or 10 day all inclusive tours from the canal zone to the "interior" of the country. Learn about canal history, wildlife, ongoing scientific research and more. DETAILS & OFFERINGS SOON!

Are you interested in canal history and want a little more comfort? This tour will be right up your alley. Enjoy 7-days of French/U.S. canal history. We will visit Panama Viejo ruins, Casco Viejo, Miraflores Canal Museum as well as each one of the locks from the Caribbean to the Pacific. You will get a full exposure of history lectures and site visits in this amazing history-centric trip. All inclusive.